How George Soros is Changing America in 2017.

George Soros is one of the biggest social justice leaders in the world. As a billionaire investor he has spent the majority of his life, and wealth, in order to try and render great change upon the world in positive directions. George Soros was born in Hungary and now resides in New York. As one of the few billionaires in the world who aligns with progressive values, Soros has taken it under his wing to focus on improving the world where he can and in the ways that benefit everyone, not just the upper elites. The 2016 Presidential election saw George Soros return to the forefront of the American political conversation and it’s a topic worth exploring and more information click here.

As we said above George Soros was born in Hungary and he lived there until he was a teenager. Soros was just 14 when the Nazi occupation began in earnest in Hungary in 1944. For the next year Hungarian born Jews would live under the oppressive regime of a nationalist force that wanted to erase their very existence from the country. Over 500,00 Hungarian born Jews would end up senselessly murdered during the occupation. George Soros along with his family would work to help an untold amount of Jews flee the country before they had to flee themselves, emigrating to London in order to find safety.

George Soros spent the better part of his time in London working multiple jobs, as a waiter and railway porter, in order to earn enough money to go to the London School of Economics. At school Soros would turn his thoughts to the philosophies of people like Karl Popper who extolled the virtues of an open world and an inclusive society. Soros would take these writings to heart and begin to really cement himself as the forward thinking progressive that he is today.

After graduating from college Soros would set sail, literally, to America. He would arrive in New York and set up shop there. Within a few years he would establish the Soros Hedge Fund and work himself into becoming one of the most prominent investors in the history of the United States. Along the way Soros would also open up his charity branch, the Open Society Foundations. The OSF was created in order to help spread wealth around to grassroot foundations all over the world. The goal of the OSF is to bring social justice, Democracy, transparent government and freedom of expression and what George knows.

The 2016 Presidential Election brought George Soros back to the center stage of the political arena. His high profile disdain of the caustic and damaging behavior of Donald Trump made the two natural opponents. Now Soros serves as one of the few billionaires willing to stand up to Trumps regime and George’s lacrosse camp.

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Insightful facts about Desiree Perez

The music and entertainment industry is one of the most successful ones worldwide, and over the past years, it has acquired huge revenues. The industry has beaten all odds and has proved to be a costly venture. Though the industry mostly comprises the males, a significant number of women have turned out to prove their expertise and talents. Desiree Perez is among the most successful individuals in the music and entertainment industries and is also a great entrepreneur. Perez has successfully adjusted to the constant changes that the industry keeps experiencing and due to her change oriented nature, she has achieved a lot of success and read full article.

Perez has played a significant role in helping individuals in the music industry to evolve and grow themselves from being just musicians to great entrepreneurs. She has over the past years influenced some prestigious celebrities like Jay Z to venture into business. The successful businessman’s works in conjunction with her husband Perez to optimize profits for the various experiments and nurture and ensure the development of the talents entrusted to her. Desiree Perez is part of some enterprises including the Roc Nation, SC companies, Hova circle of influence, among others. Through her influential nature, she has been able to encourage and see many individuals in the entertainment industry take roles as great entrepreneurs and Des Perez on Facebook.

In addition to that, Desiree has played a significant role in developing Rihanna`s career through her great Samsung deal that went for about twenty-five million. She has always stood by the successful celebrity and has proved the importance of collaborating with other women bring the best out of them. The deal saw Rihanna stand out among many other musicians and she was recognized as one of the most influential and talented musicians. Deseerez looks forward towards making great deals with the celebrities to make their lives even better through her business investment tips and learn more about Des Perez.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Had Launched Bradesco As The Largest Bank In Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco had become the CEO of Bradesco (the largest bank in Brazil) after a long history with the company. The torch had eventually been passed down after the death of the founder and the expiration of the company’s second CEO’s term. Before we dive into what made Luiz become the CEO, let’s take a look at the company Bradesco itself.

Banco Bradesco
Bradesco is a giant banking corporation that is currently in third place in the list of the largest banks in Brazil. Their assets are now at an impressive 392 billion with 50 billion per year in revenue. Some of their subsidiaries include Bradespar and Bradesco Seguros, which is for pension plans. Their services include consumer banking, business banking, loans, asset management, insurance and private pensions.

They can be easily spotted within any city in Brazil as there are over 5,300 branches around the country. Including their affiliates, there are over 40,000 cash machines with many of them open 24/7. Many supermarkets, malls, convenience stores, pharmacies and restaurants will have Bradesco ATM machines in their establishments.

Early Life And Education Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a modest upbringing and he landed his first job with Amador Aguiar’s bank at the age of 18. At the same time, he had taken up sociology studies at the local university. Unlike most banking executives who took finance or mathematics degrees, he had chosen the liberal arts route. After graduating, he had more time to focus on his job and climb the corporate ladder. He eventually became the marketing director of the company during the 1980s.

New Public Image
Luiz had taken the company in a completely different direction during the 1980s. The company originally had a policy of avoiding relations with the media to avoid negative attention. Luiz decided that it was time for the company to pull off some positive PR stunts in order to increase its public image in Brazil. It was getting more competitive to compete with the public’s attention at the time, so Luiz’s decision to keep in constant contact with media agencies was beneficial for its inevitable growth.

Amador Aguiar
Amador Aguiar had founded the company in 1943 and had remained a leader until his death in the 1990s. He also formed one of the biggest educational institutions in the country named Fundação Bradesco.

Once he had died, Luiz was the prime candidate to take his place but the executive team had decided that he was too young to take on the responsibility. Its position was given to an older member named Márcio Cypriano. Márcio had led the company up the rankings by acquiring many smaller banks and a lot of Brazilian branches of large international banks. Some of the most major purchases of the company included HSBC Brazil, American Express and Banco Mercantil de São Paulo.

Luiz As CEO

Once Luiz had to take over as CEO several years later, it was quite the responsibility to manage these new assets. It was especially difficult now that the Brazillian financial market was slowly declining as well.

It was also a scary time for the company since competitor companies were starting to merge. When Banco Itaú and Unibanco had merged in 2009, Bradesco was knocked out of its place as the largest bank in Brazil. They are having to struggle to climb up back to the top considering that the new giant of a bank holds a lot of assets.

As a CEO, Luiz holds one of the cleanest looking images in comparison to other CEOs in the country. He is a family man without vices that prefers to spend time in his modest house during his time off. He is soft spoken, analytical and likes to take life at a slower pace.

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The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has always been a proponent of medical funding and research focusing mainly on cancer. In his lifetime he has volunteered his time as well has donated millions of dollars to help doctors find a cure for cancer. Recently, Lefkofsky has gone one step further by putting his time and effort behind a start-up company called Tempus, recently becoming its President. Tempus combines healthcare with new and revolutionary technology, with its core concern being cancer treatment. It currently only focuses on pancreatic, breast and lung cancer but is working on expanding the types of cancer it treats.

The company is known for the speed at which it can help those who are in need. By using advanced techniques Tempus can use genomic sequencing to analyze the genetic code of a patient which can give as much information to doctors as a biopsy without being as evasive. Tempus also offers doctors statistical information on what would be the best short term and long term plan to help an individual patient. These include meal plans, personalized medication and other tested techniques. With all of these factors, doctors have noted and huge increase in both patient survival but also in patient happiness and wellness during treatment and what Eric Lefkofsky knows.

Outside of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been part of several charities, fundraisers and trusts which focus on the health and well being of its recipients. The most well known being his “Lefkofsky Foundation” which he co-founded with his wife Elizabeth Lefkofsky. The Lefkofsky Foundation focuses on children and supports educational, charitable and scientific organizations all over the world. Since the foundation was created in 2006 it has helping over 60,000 individuals and has helped fund several similar organizations who concentrate on improving human rights, increase access to education, expand cultural initiatives and booth medical research and Eric Lefkofsky’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky is also part of the board of directors at the Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital where he volunteers with his wife a few days each month. He is also on the board of directors of The Museum of Science and Industry and The Art Institute of Chicago as well as a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. When he is not busy at those locations Lefkofsky also works at the University of Chicago, the school where he graduated, as an adjunct professor of technology-based businesses and entrepreneurship. He previously taught at Kellogg School of Management, DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and Northwestern University and more information click here.

Beneful Grain Free Dog Food is Simply Tasty!

Beneful Grain Free dog food is produced by Purina. It is made with real Chicken and is dry dog food. Dog food that is made with farm-raised chicken being the primary ingredient, with extra tastes of blueberries, and vegetables like pumpkin and spinach, allows for a tasty grain-free dog food that tastes great to your dog. Most dogs like Beneful Grain Free dog food because of the crunchy texture as well as the benefits of balanced nutrition in the Beneful formula. Beneful Grain Free dog food does not contain any fillers. It features a high-quality protein content packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy diet for dogs.

In detail, Beneful Grain Free dog food contains more than 22 vitamins and minerals. The taste of Beneful Grain Free dog food is not compromised by being grain free. Literally, there is no gluten or fillers, or grains such as corn or wheat and what Beneful knows.

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Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s acclaimed Chairman, Declares the Compelling Results by Edison Research

Norman Pattiz, the esteemed Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster, Edison Research VP of Strategy, declared the outcome of sophisticated studies from the advertising tests conducted with five leading national consumer brands. The study was Podcast advertisers’ first-ever pre and post-campaign brand lift, which was carried out during the last half of 2016. The study produced positive results of podcast advertising including brand recall and intent to purchase the products.

The Study


The study showed that more than 60 percent of listeners had talked about a specific grocery brand post- campaign. Further, an unaided product awareness campaign led to a tremendous increase from the pre-study to the post-study by 37 percent for a leading automobile aftermarket product and 47 percent for financial services products. Additionally, lawn and garden products had a considerable increase by 24 percent. The post-study results indicated that more than one-third of the respondents viewed an automobile product as “very favorable.” The other respondents who preferred to use a lawn and garden product viewed it as being “very likely.”


Edison Research carried out three different studies to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising for the five leading national brand. These brands had two categories including the well-known and less-known brands. The latter brands were seeking increased awareness while the former brands were launching new messaging. Online surveying of audiences was carried out on both brands before the inauguration of the podcast advertising campaigns. The outcome of these campaigns indicated the responsiveness of the podcast audiences to brand messages as well as an increased willingness to buy the products.


Norman Pattiz mentioned that PodcastOne’s focus has been to privately confirm that the podcast format is capable of offering an advanced brand impact, unlike the traditional advertising formats. He added that the positive results confirmed their multi-tiered approach to both measurements and integrated advertising. On the other hand, Tom Webster cited that Edison Research was glad to partner with PodcastOne and the five major brands to conduct a measurement of the impact of podcast advertising.


An Overview of Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a successful entrepreneur and the acclaimed Executive Chairman of the renowned podcast advertiser network called PodcastOne. He is also the founder of the famed Courtside Entertainment Group, which specializes in producing and funding multi-platform, high-quality programming. Norman is the celebrated chairman and founder of the prestigious radio giant called Westwood One. He contributed to the company’s success where it is the leading radio network in America and the provider of entertainment, news, sports, traffic programming, and talk to the entire broadcast industry.

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Aloha Construction Reveals its Intention of Launching a High-Quality Roofing and Siding Brand in Illinois

Aloha Construction, a fully licensed, trusted, and bonded company, is anticipating the new season, which requires new roofing and siding brands. This is following the dangerous high winds, hails, and storms in the Northern Illinois area. Aloha Construction has experienced a positive feedback from homeowners who are requesting them to fix their roofs. The company is recently serving the entire Illinois area as well as a new website designed to assist homeowners. Aloha Construction is aiming to attain their goal of constructing quality homes through establishing a new interior restoration service.


Aloha Construction’s talented president, David A. Farbaky, mentioned that the company was thrilled to finish 7,000 projects in 2013, in the State of Illinois. He added that Aloha construction was focused on providing homeowners in Southern Illinois with quality services, in 2015, through the Bloomington office. David revealed that the company was focused on making life simpler for the people of Midwest in 2017.


David Farbaky of Aloha Construction has always prioritized the lives of people thus making them feel safe and secure in their houses. He added that the company had opened Aloha Builds network extraction, Aloha’s new branch. The branch will offer services including remodeling kitchens, basements, interior restoration, and natural disaster aid. David mentioned that the company is ready to release their team of specialists to conduct these services. The company aims to launch its new roofing brand with an office near its head office, Lake Zurich, earlier May 2017.


A Closer Focus on Aloha Construction


Aloha Construction is a renowned family-owned company that has grown from a small construction company into a large general contractor. The company has earned a remarkable reputable through its activities, for instance, the National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) and the Building Trade Association (BTA).


Aloha Construction was established in 2008 and resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company specializes in storm damage, roofing, hail damage, flooding, and vinyl sliding. Additionally, Aloha Construction has an A rating with the Business Bureau (BBB).

Eva Moskowitz Running for Education Secretary

Eva Moskowitz is well known for being the leader and CEO of New York’s largest charter school network. Eva has joined the race of being Trump’s education secretary according to a confirmation from Trump’s aide recently. Eva Moskowitz joins a team of other education reform leaders such as Michelle Rhee who is the former D.C Public Schools chief as well as Jeanne Allen who is the Director of the Center for Education Reform. These and many more want to be considered for the position, therefore, it is going to be a battle of educationists.


A representative refused to comment on the interest of Eva Moskowitz running for the position when asked. However, the fact that Eva herself is not denying the possible rumors is almost a confirmation that she is up for the position. EVA is a long-standing Democrat with the ambition of being the future mayor of New York. Eva Moskowitz lives in Manhattan, which is a region where Hilary Clinton received 90% of the votes.


Eva represented the Upper East Side of the city council woman for the democrats. Her movement, which involves 41 schools, began in 2006 in Harlem. Those close to her continue to reveal that she has the interest of running as New York’s city mayor even though her announcement in the past year revealed that she would not go up against Mayor Bill.


Eva has been on the political scene for a while, in some cases having won against Mayor Bill. She continues to fight for schools even as her name is still being floated around for the Education Secretary position in Trump’s government. Eva Moskowitz continues to appear in the press on matters related to education. She has achieved so much in terms of bettering education and is therefore qualified for the Education Secretary position.


Talk Fusion Bringing Change in Video Marketing

Talk Fusion is a company that offers marketing solutions to businesses and other companies making them stand out. It is important to note that Talk Fusion is the first firm to provide all in one Video Marketing solution. Since videos are more persuasive and vivid when used in marketing, Talk fusion has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to upholding the initiative. The company produces quality and reliable video marketing solutions making it one of the most renowned firms when it comes to this field. It offers a wide variety of such services giving each a unique touch. From video email, video newsletters, sign up forms, and video chats, among other exquisite options. All of them are offered at an affordable price. Learn more:


Talk Fusion creates eye-catching and sumptuous videos which are irresistible to watch and are fast. It’s evident that videos to a great extent influence the preferences of customers and clients. Therefore, this makes Talk Fusion a very suitable pair when it comes to business because it attracts customers at a high rate. Learn more:


It is also imperative to note that Talk Fusion has worked in the markets of over 140 countries across the globe making it a global company. Moreover, Talk Fusion offers support to charitable institutions and also empowering communities globally. Talk fusion also offers 30 days Free Trial of their products which are made available to all the people wishing to purchase their products. This service helps clients have an experience before they something making it very interactive and also friendly to the customers and clients. Learn more:


Bob Reina is the founder of this great firm. He is also the Chief Executive Officer. The firm is located in Florida. He is a renown philanthropist who has always stood for helping people to chase success regardless of their background or whatever their situation. Reina has also been a very firm contributor at Huff Posts where he has written numerous articles regarding offering marketing solutions as well as mentoring. Bob Reina founded the company back in the year 2007. Over the recent years, Talk Fusion has grown exponentially, and it is still spreading globally. Learn more here:


A Capital Strategy

Warren Buffett recently made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers suggesting that he could achieve a higher yield than they could, simply by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The wager is for $1 million, to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choosing. As the date for the wager draws nears to its close, it looks as is Warren Buffett will win the $1 million, further backing his claim. Mr. Buffett used this wager to support the idea that investing in low-cost funds to be held for the long haul, will achieve the greatest yield, due to the fact that many of the funds available today are expensive with limited prospects. While Timothy Armour agrees with much of Warren Buffett’s perspective, he does feel as if the strategy that Mr. Buffett is championing, will mislead investors. While passive index funds have often been thought of as the safer alternative when seeking financial stability in retirement, Timothy Armour feels that a new day has come, where this traditional logic must be challenged. According to a survey held last year, in which 1200 investors were screened, it was discovered that nearly half of them were unaware that during market downturns, they were exposed to 100 percent volatility. According to their survey, a person who invested $10,000 in the first S&P 500 passive index fund would have accrued $500,000 today, while investing that same amount in the top five active funds today would have accrued a higher return.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, taking that title in July of 2015, after having over thirty years of experience in investing, all with Capital Group. He is also Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. and Chairman of the Capital Group Management Committee. Armour graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in 1983, where he then proceeded to join The Associates Program as a part of Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.

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