In a world where everything changes on a near daily basis, it can be a daunting task for an individual to find their niche. As businesses prosper and fall, there are certain lessons that can be learned for future endeavors. The top business owners of the previous generation had a plan for gaming the system. However, technology has made those tried and true methods outdated. It takes a new approach for an aspiring business to make a splash. Ideamensch found Joseph Ashford Ellis, who is challenging the former norms and creating standards for a new generation of business operations.

The framework for this ambitious plan begins with the specialized skills that Joseph Ashford Ellis brings to the job. He was once a hard worker on behalf of various organizations. In these roles, he was often tasked with the mundane tasks of ensuring everything was in check on a given day. However, there came a time when his skills outweighed the position he had. As someone with increasing experience, a vast personal network, and three languages in his arsenal, Joseph Ashford Ellis had the tools to make the world a better place. He quickly determined London would be the center of K4 Global, a firm designed around his core ideals.

Joseph Ashford Ellis has explored how the role of businesses have changed dramatically over the years. He cites the increased pressure to promote social trends and be a champion of popular beliefs in the public’s eyes. At the same time, social media is an unexplored domain where businesses can directly catch the eyes on a potential customer. K4 Global assigns teams to create innovation solution and help the client leave in a better position. London is treasure throve of fresh ventures that only need a little push to truly get started.

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