BeachBodyMany people who are overweight or just not as fit as they would like to be have low self-esteem about how they look. Carl Daikeler, an experienced American entrepreneur and businessman, is on a mission to help people feel better about how they look. Daikeler’s career started with several years of production work in the NFL, and he followed this up with nearly a decade in the infomercial industry. His production work there showed him how popular at-home wellness and fitness products were.

Carl Daikeler saw that people wanted to exercise, but he also observed that for a lot of people, going to the gym just wasn’t feasible. Work schedules, family obligations and a sense of shame about how they look were common factors in the lack of exercise reported by many people. Daikeler knew he could make exercise more convenient, so he and Darin Olien co-founded Beachbody. The exercise program started with a dozen videos, which were created on DVD form. Daikeler didn’t just produce the videos; he also starred in many of them.

Beachbody was a terrific hit, and soon Daikeler was producing 20 to 30 new workouts per year. By the 2010s, there were hundreds of videos in the collection. In 2009, Carl Daikeler and Olien added Shakeology to the mix. Shakeology is their nutritional component to total body wellness and fitness. It’s a protein powder available in a form for vegans as well as a whey formulation. The Shakeology shakes are filled with protein. The user mixes the powder into the dairy or plant milk of their choice. The cold, delicious shake is filling and satisfies sweet tooth cravings.

Carl Daikeler

When Shakeology and Beachbody are combined, a person can enjoy faster weight loss. In 2015, Carl Daikeler created an on-demand service for at-home workouts. It soared in popularity during the global health crisis of 2020. When people couldn’t go to the gym, they found that being able to exercise at home gave them a boost to their self-esteem and prevented them from gaining weight. They added OpenFit, an app for tracking fitness, to the program in 2018.