BeachbodyWhen a person starts a fitness program, they often get bored within a matter of weeks. After that loss of interest, it’s difficult to get back with it again. Carl Daikeler, a longstanding entrepreneur, has found a way to make fitness fun. His Beachbody program inspires people to stick with daily exercise, eat nutritious foods and live a healthier lifestyle.

Daikeler’s career started in the NFL. He was a producer of halftime entertainment in the 1980s. In 1990, he moved over to the infomercial industry. In that line of work, he created productions for a lot of fitness and health products. His work attracted a lot of attention and sales. When studying why this was the case, Daikeler came up with a few reasons that made a lot of sense. For many people, going to the gym was a hassle. It could also be a source of shame or a loss of self-esteem. People might not even have access to a gym, especially if they lived in a small town.

In 1998, the launch of Beachbody aimed to eliminate all of those barriers to fitness. Carl Daikeler made 12 videos with short workouts. A person didn’t need a fancy set of weights or any other equipment to do the workouts. People liked the challenge, and they found the videos to be inspirational. Daikeler starred in a lot of them. He was asked to make more, and he certainly obliged. About 30 new videos were added every year for a decade.


Nutrition has also held high importance to Daikeler. In 2009, he and his team developed Shakeology. He noticed that people turned to fast food when they were busy. However, the high sodium, sugar and calorie levels of fast food made this an unhealthy choice. Daikeler’s Shakeology was the opposite. The protein powder also contains a lot of fiber. These two ingredients create a sense of fullness in a person’s belly. There’s a vegan option and a whey-based protein option. Both of these Shakeology formulations are available in a range of flavors, including cafe latte, salted caramel, vanilla and tropical strawberry.