Bhanu Choudhrie is a household name in the world. The Indian entrepreneur is based in London, and he has business interests in so many industries. Although he has been performing so well in most of the businesses he has established, Bhanu has created a unique legacy in the aviation market.

His company in aviation is called Alpha Aviation Group. Created years ago, the facility focuses mainly on training professionals who want to venture into commercial airlines. Pilots are essential professionals in the international community. Without these talented professionals, moving from one destination to the other can be impossible.

Airlines are needed when people are covering long distances. For decades, none of the private organizations in the world would be willing to start an aviation company because they were not sure about their success in the future.

Most airlines would never accept to hire professional pilots trained in private institutions because they feared for the safety of their customers. Many private institutions, however, are slowly showing interests in aviation. Led by Bhanu Choudhrie, the private investors are bringing light into the complex department.

Bhanu Choudhrie got the courage to launch Alpha Aviation Group in the year 2006. His goal when launching this amazing private facility was to help in training commercial pilots in the most effective and affordable way. The focus of Bhanu Choudhrie from the start was the small airlines who wanted to work on a budget.

The training programs introduced by Bhanu would favor both the professionals and companies in the industry. Years after launching the aviation company, Bhanu looks back, and he can afford a smile because of the bold move he took years ago. Although the industry was difficult at first, it has made thousands of people get into their professions without having to deal with costly training. Bhanu Choudhrie training is also trusted by many airlines.

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