Growing up in a family that loved creating structures from nothing must have been fascinating to the young Haroldo Jacobovicz. However, what fascinates him even more now is that he was able to achieve his dream of becoming a civil engineer just like his mother and father. Apart from becoming a civil engineer, Haroldo also wanted to become an entrepreneur. While he was optimistic, he didn’t think that his dream would come as fast as it did. Nonetheless, now Mr. Haroldo is a civil engineer like his parents, he says that he will stop at nothing until he is able to see the whole country filled with a faster and reliable internet connection.

Before founding his first startup, Horizons Telecom, Haroldo Jacobovicz had worked for several companies including Exxon Mobil, which by then was referred to as Esso. When applying for the job in the company, Haroldo’s application was among 200 others. A majority of those that applied for the same job with Haroldo had worked in big companies for several years thus had the privilege of vast experience. However, when the time to hire came, Haroldo was surprised to see his name among the 5 engineers that were hired that day. Thanks to his character and the quick grasp of things, Haroldo Jacobovicz was made the company’s market analyst a few days after he was absorbed.

Within a few weeks, the civil engineer was again promoted to be head the commercial tactics docket. From these humble beginnings, Haroldo Jacobovicz could later come to be the founder of Horizons Telecom, Horizons Datacenter, and e-Governe. Haroldo says he is now working hard to see his three companies expand the availability of fiber optic connectivity to as many Brazilians as possible. When he was studying and by the time, he started Horizons Telecom, fiber optic connectivity was reserved for the elite.

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