Most breast implants will last 10-20 years, depending on the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and care. During the consultation, your surgeon will help determine which approach and what size implant will be best for you. There are two options for the surgical incision: First, Periareolar: This popular approach goes through the nipple, allowing the natural border of the areola to hide the scar. According to Sam Jejurikar, this approach does have a higher complication rate than the inframammary. Second, Inframammary: Placing the incision under the breast fold leaves a thicker and more noticeable scar. It is less discrete than the periareolar approach or incision placed in the armpit. A full breast lift is indicated for patients with drooping breasts. To downsize implants, the patient must have the existing implants removed, wait three months to heal, and insert the new, smaller implant. A breast lift is often recommended to improve the shape of the breast.

Prices for breast augmentation vary between $5000 and $10000 based on what the patient needs, what type of implant is being used, what approach is taken, and if a breast lift is included. To see the full range of services that Sam Jejurikar has to offer, view his profile here: