In 1973, Frank Robin founded Robinson Helicopter Company with one vision in mind, to produce the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and highest quality aircraft. The entrepreneur

Robinson Helicopter

launched his first 2-place piston-powered helicopter, the R22, six years after founding the company. The R22 was a simple design, low cost, and easy to maintain. It became popular in the flying schools and individuals who wanted private choppers.

Frank Robin made it easier for people to learn flying with this maiden helicopter as costs became affordable and less of a barrier. The demand rose for small series as more people found it easy to acquire helicopters. By 1992, the same R22 design philosophy would ensue the making of Lycoming, which was a larger and more robust engine, the O-540. Robinson helicopter company introduced the R44, which was later designated as R44 Raven I. In 2012, the R44 Raven II camouflaged from the original R44 but combined the Lycoming’s IO-540 engine (fuel injected) and a 28-volt electrical design.

Lycoming, in collaboration with Robinson, designed the helicopter. The is enhanced IO-540 engine improved the R44, making it capable of flying at high altitudes and hot temperatures without any risks. In 2004, the Raven II was in high demand, and its sales doubled up the R22 sales. At the same time, Frank Robinson conceived the idea of creating a turbine-powered helicopter.

In 2005, Robinson Helicopters signed a contract with Rolls Royce to build a turbine engine they named the RR300. This was one of the RR250 series. The engine was already in place, and it only required developing the R66 Turbine. In 2010, R66 was certified by FAA, and the 5-place turbine helicopter moved into high gear. FAA certifications include the amended federal regulations and include the new crashworthiness standards.

Robinson Helicopters

Today, Robinson Helicopter prides itself as a top seller of top standard helicopters. Its R66 and R44 helicopter models offering includes hews, float, and police versions. Recently, the company added to its line R44 Cadet for the training missions. With more than 12,000 deliveries of helicopters to institutions, individuals, and the state, the company has won trust between various clients since 1973. The new technology and research methods have pushed the company to create top-range helicopters.