COVID-19 has affected many institutions, including Online Trading Academy. However, the online training institution on trading and investing in financial markets has strategized to ensure that it comes up with the trend. Therefore, it has experienced more clients during the pandemic time, more than ever. COVID-19 comes with restricted movements, making online education an ideal option. Also, the company tailors its training sessions to include those who work full time. Even though the online trainer started more than 20 years ago, the pandemic has amplified enrolments it gets. Developments like On-Demand courses have made Online Trading Academy a preferred option for those affected by the pandemic.

Some of the areas Online Trading Academy covers include stocks, forex, futures, and options. These are covered in more than 40 centers globally. Also, the online trainer supplements these pieces of training by Extended learning Track Sessions. Here, students get to learn from instructors through live online sessions backed by an interactive chat.

For those students working full time, Online Trading Academy provides them with shorter and condensed lessons. These lessons take between 5 to ten minutes and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. Meaning, students can understand the teachings in under short duration, anywhere. Steve Albin, Vice President of Education Operations, confirmed that their primary goal is to ensure that they tailor their learning style to meet the needs of their students, rather than forcing them with a schedule that’s hard to follow.

On-demand courses at Online Trading Academy are Core Strategy, Futures, and Strategic investors. However, the online trainer expects to include Options On-Demand in the list by December. The idea is to implement changes with pace and agility. Coronavirus pandemic has tested the online trainer, though it has responded positively. Currently, the aim is to be flexible, incorporating the needs of every student.

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