Williams Lea Tag, a €1.3 billion advertising supports in place company that delivers end-to-end solutions, now employs McGaghey as CFO. As an interim accountant in September, McGaghey was promoted to CFO in June. Williams Lea Tag’s most recent change is being handled by McGaghey in a way that emphasizes growth. One of Williams Lea Tag’s primary responsibilities is to lead the company’s restructuring, from cost savings through business unit sales to financing and exit strategies.

He wants to apply his experience managing commercial long-term projects to help Williams Lea Tag’s transformation, and McGaghey is eager to do so. McGaghey is used to the quickly nature of a private equity group like Williams Lea Tag after operating for both publicly listed and privately held enterprises.

Williams, Lea Tag (subject of interview).

Williams Lea Tag has come a long way since its inception in London in 1820. Financial institutions, law firms, and other enterprises rely on this company’s services. After acquiring Tag Worldwide in 2011, Williams Lea renamed the company Williams Lea. Advent Global, a private equity firm located in the United States, purchased Williams Lea Tag in 2017 with the goal of increasing tactical and analytical value.

On-site and remotely, Williams Lea Tag engages with clients around the world to build unique solutions that remap the success of their businesses. The Williams Lea Tag team uses a consultative approach rather than applying a single technology across all clients to help businesses become more efficient, boost their firm’s image, and provide superior customer service.

Gary McGaghey is the firm’s Group CFO.

McGaghey assists the financial team at Williams Lea Tag manage expansion efforts and make important decisions. He is in charge of the company’s transformation through cost-cutting initiatives, acquisitions, divestitures, and a restructure of the balance sheet.

CFO McGaghey was Williams Lea Tag’s corporate chief financial officer (CFO).

Commercial plans are monitored and steered with great care to ensure that gross margins are maximized, overhead costs are kept to a minimum, and working capital is tightly managed.

Trading decisions are made with the goal of increasing the stock portfolio value of the company.

Williams Until recently, McGaghey had gathered an exceptional team of personnel capable of keeping Lea Tag’s finances in order. In addition to financial expertise and strategy, he is also in charge of leading and mentoring a team. He laid the groundwork for the team’s future success by spotting and developing the top players on the roster. McGaghey and his coworkers will be better equipped to handle the company’s finances if they had a solid team behind them. Read more by visiting: https://bmmagazine.co.uk/business/gary-mcgaghey-on-the-cfos-role-in-talent-development-and-capability-building/