The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about challenges that have never been experienced before. But as things start to return to normalcy, both companies and workers need to think about how they are going to adjust to the new normal. We live in a highly competitive labour market and the expectations of workers are growing every day.

As the transformation in the workforce unfolds, CFOs are playing a critical role in assisting their organizations to have a smooth working transition.

A recent survey revealed that most CFOs are confident that moving to hybrid work won’t affect their growth. However, most of them are concerned about the ability to maintain a strong corporate culture.

How 2021 looks like for CFOs

According to Gary McGaghey, there are six topics that will be popular among CFOs in 2021. They include the following:

Future of work

CFOs have a positive outlook with regard to the future of work. They are counting on people and technology as they rethink their growth agenda. Although their early investment in technology is paying off, they appreciate the challenges that such technologies present to their workers.

Digital transformation

Digital investments will continue to be a major contributing factor to the revenues of many companies. The shift to remote work reduced the ability to innovate and collaborate.

Return to growth

After undergoing a rough time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CFOs like Gary McGaghey are changing their outlook on revenue and growth.

Diversity and inclusion

The unrest and social tension that were witnesses in 2020 prompted many company leaders in the United States to focus more on supporting their workers and communities at large. In the past few years, businesses across the country have also increased their efforts on diversity and inclusion.

Moving ahead, company leaders including CFOs are working on bridging the gap underscored by elections and emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.