Marwan Kheireddine, Chairman & CEO of AM Bank in Lebanon is a mover and a shaker in Lebanese business circles.

A former Minister of State with the government of Lebanon, Marwan Kheireddine was personally responsible for getting several of the laws changed in the business environment in Lebanon to strengthen banking, reduce money laundering, and make Lebanese law in line with accepted international business practices.

Holder of a BA from Richmond University in the UK and an MBA from Columbia University, Learn more

Marwan Kheireddine has been active in banking in Lebanon since 1992.

When he was a minister with the government, one of Mr. Kheireddine’s proudest moments was in getting the government to pass BDL Intermediary Circular 331.

Circular 331 allowed Lebanese Banks to have the freedom to invest their money in technology startups, business incubators, and venture capital funds.

Circular 331 brought Lebanon banking, and the entire Lebanese government into the modern era of banking, and helped reinvigorate the economy by investing in modern, profitable businesses.

Mr. Kheireddine has developed several key businesses in Lebanon, has served on the Board of the Beirut Stock exchange, and has been an educator as well, serving for 16 years as a lecturer in Finance at the American University in Beirut.

Mr. Kheireddine serves on a number of boards locally, including at American University, and is a founding member of the Lebanon Young Presidents’ Organization.

In addition, he is a founding member of the Young Arab Leaders in Beirut.

Ever-present of moving not only himself but also the whole of the Lebanese economy, Mr. Kherieddine is a tireless supporter of Lebanon.