Marwan Kheireddine Support for the Youth Through Different Programme.

Marwan Kheireddine is an entrepreneur from Lebanon, and he values the youth of his country. His main aim is to empower youths in their business. He served in various institutions, including his role as a professor at the American University of Beirut. Many students passed through him, and up to date, some of them still consult him.

His service in the private sector has been outstanding. He has remarkably been selected to serve on various boards of management of the Beirut stocks exchange. Additionally, his role was immaculate in bringing change through his service at the American University of Beirut in academic matters. On top of that, the entrepreneur was the founder member of Lebanon chatter of endeavor, an international non-governmental organization aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs in Lebanon. He encouraged investors to invest in young entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Read more HERE

His banking expertise allowed him to create Al-Mawarid Bank. Besides the numerous services offered, the private company has greatly helped many other individuals through employment. On top of that, he introduced a banking app that enabled banking transactions online. His expertise also brought other features to the banking sector, especially through his prior background in the United States.

He introduced virgin megastores to Lebanon, which he opened in 2001 and became a hit because every time they held an event in virgin, most prominent media platforms such as CNN would highlight their event. He has also organized hundreds of concerts, one of them being the summer of 69 that brought on board singer Bryan Adams which became the critical Lebanon pop culture.

The Lebanese national has other great moments in the industry, especially through art forms. He is a lover of art, a passion he has used to create opportunities for the youth. The game-changer is married with children.