Matthew FleegerThe CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger, is an oil and gas businessman based in Dallas, Texas. In the last 40 years, the company has grown its digits in the oil and gas industry in South Central and Gulf coast states. Gulf Coast Western is a family company that is respected for committing to its agreement with partners and investors.

Everyone in the oil and gas industry is aware of how Matthew has helped expand the corporate horizons of the family company. One of the popular expansion break-through of Gulf Coast Western was the acquisition of 50% interest in the working assets of Northcote Energy Ltd, a company based in Dallas. When Matthew Fleeger led Gulf Coast Western, it secured the energy independence of the United States.

When Matthew graduated from the school of business at South Methodist University, he did not enter directly into the family company. To show his skills, he founded a medical waste management company and ran it successfully before he reached the age of 30. 13 years after, he sold the interests he had earned in the company for close to $60 million. To prove that he can even run any other business, he was a co-founder of Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan, which has a total revenue of $100 million in a year.

Matthew Fleeger

When he was in the company, Matthew did more than successfully running an ethical business. Due to his ability to comprehend the employees’ talents, he earned a good reputation. Matthew also understands how to bring those talents forward to improve the employees’ careers and the company. He believes that any business is successful due to teamwork. And teamwork is built on ethical dealings and transparency. He demonstrates skills of transformation in North American gas and oil exploration with lasting profits of Gulf Coast Western.