Matthew FleegerThe business world is overtaking any other investment form, every one striving to be the best in the market. With that said, Matt Fleeger is a celebrated businessman who is currently the Gulf Coast Western leader and CEO. Over the years, his leadership skills have grown tremendously in the domestic oil and gas industry.

The Gulf Coast Western was established in 1970 based in Dallas. The company is a family-owned business has been managed to successfully extend to other locations such as Texas, Oklahoma, Mississipi, and Colorado.

The company is referred to as Joint Venture also. Its main focus v is on property that entails both geological and geophysical improvement linked to well-developed structures. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is a people-first company operating on open and transparent relationships. Their main goal is to maintain recognized associates’ interactions on the basis of mutual conviction and respect through honesty.


Over the years, the Gulf Coast Western has shown much interest in exploration and tenancy acquisition activities around the Gulf Coast regions rich in oil and gas. They are looking forward to developing thousands of acres as they extend to other United States regions. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has partnered with many collaborations worldwide that have successfully conducted business together.

Matthew Fleeger is celebrated nationwide and recognized by Business Professionals. His impeccable professional skills in the oil and gas industry are what make him stand out. His competence is undeniable, concentrating on strategic planning, teamwork, and business abilities.

Matthew Fleeger

His leadership roles have transcended over time as he is also the founder of establishing MedSolutions, Inc. A diversified holding firm concentrates on shipping, dumping, and treating medical waste created by healthcare corporations. Later after the company had successfully grown, he sold it to Stericycle.Inc.

Fleeger is also philanthropic, and he has involved himself in charity work. Gulf Coast Western has partnered with Sadie Keller Foundation to over donations nationwide.