QNET has a strong presence across 100 countries on 5 continents. This enables the company to bring ‘closer to home’ products to customers. In the past few years, the company has focused on new product innovation to make the product portfolio stronger. It also focuses on creating customer loyalty through special promotions, social media and emotional connections. The firm also offers a great diversity of products.

QNET has manufacturing facilities and offices in Singapore, Australia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, New Zealand, and Indonesia. In the recent past, it won the “Best Direct Selling Company in Asia Award” and the overall “Asia’s Best Company Award”. The company has agents and distributors around the world, with more than 200,000 active individuals selling the brand’s products.

Some of its franchisees cover close to 1 million consumers each. In fact, the company has franchises or agency representation in 51 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as in over 50 other markets in Europe, North America and Africa. QNET offers a range of different categories of products such as health & wellness, personal care, luxury, beauty, fashion, active living and home furnishings.

The firm employs more than 17,000 multi-level marketing consultants, who are the company’s primary sales force. The consultants in QNET’s network, called franchisees, sell a variety of health and wellness products from Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, and also collect commissions for referrals. The company also has a staff of about 6,000, who provide management and support services.

In 2012, QNET established the Malaysian Direct Selling Association (MDDA), which is now the largest body of direct selling companies in Malaysia, aiming to improve industry practices in order to contribute to national socio-economic development. Moreover, QNET also contributes to the social development of society through corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives.

In today’s business world, marketing has never been so strategic. More companies are creating unique strategies and marketing approaches to capture market share and position their brands as world class. But with this marketing expansion has come a shift in the types of marketing approaches used to boost sales.

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