Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson found Robinson Helicopter Company in 1973. Since its foundation it has become one of the premier companies for constructing helicopters for private use. In 1979 The company introduced a two piston helicopter known as the R22. The simplicity of the design and cost efficiency led the R22 helicopter to become very popular. In 1992 Robinson Helicopter expanded their design, using a similar approach to the R22, but included a larger engine. The design later became know as the R44 Raven 1. The companies top selling models are the R44 and the more recent R66, a five piston model, driven by a turbine engine.

Before Frank Robinson established his Company he worked at multiple aircraft companies, the last one being Hughes Helicopter Company. Frank Robinson progressively developed and expanded on the design and production of the types of helicopters that his company made, ranging from the R22 to the R66. Robinson has received many awards over the course of his career which include the Daniel Guggenheim medal that he received in 2013. He has also donated millions of dollars to different organizations and helped set up scholarships for both students from the high school he attended, and for students studying engineering at the University of Washington.

Robinson Helicopter

In April of 2021, Robinson Helicopter Company sold its 13,000th helicopter, showing the level of growth that the company has taken from selling its first helicopter in 1979. One of the main reasons that Robinson has grown to such levels is the emphasis on safety and research and development. Both technicians and flight instructors go through monthly training courses to makes sure that they are well versed in any new developments from the company. They make sure their product meets a specific level of quality completing all the required testing at their company factory in Torrance, California. The company also produces many of its own parts and has a program to fix and update older helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter Company is a family based company with Kurt Robinson acting as the president and chairman of the company.