Ross LevinsohnMaven is a digital media services provider that has consistently provided its clients with exceptional and impactful support over the years. Its services expand to cover monetization, infrastructure and other critical areas. Notably, some of the hundreds of clients that it delivers these services to are Sports Illustrated, Maxim, The Street and Ski Magazine. Maven’s Chief Executive Officer is Ross Levinsohn, a well-known industry leader with more than 35 years of experience. Levinsohn has instrumentally supported some of Maven’s brands in key ways.

One of his most significant impacts over recent years has been centered around Sports Illustrated’s monetization strategy. As a print media giant with more than 70 years of history, the brand has traditionally drawn most of its revenue from print subscriptions and print ads. However, across the industry, there has been a shift away from print and toward digital media. Because this shift has impacted Sports Illustrated’s bottom line, the brand needed to find a way to prepare its monetization strategy for the future and to boost current income in the process. Ross Levinsohn understood the challenge and had a thoughtful solution. Through the implementation of a new digital paywall for premium content, he has added more value to existing digital content.

Ross Levinsohn’s expertise has also played a role recently at The Street. While The Street has produced content covering Wall Street over the years, it needed to jump into the world of cryptocurrencies to meet its audience’s changing needs. Levinsohn worked on projects to launch a crypto newsletter and an online crypto channel at The Street.

Over the last several decades, Levinsohn has been a key player in his chosen industry. In fact, he has served the digital media industry with notable positions as Yahoo!’s Interim President, CEO at Guggenheim Digital Media and more.