Matthew Fleeger The Gulf Coast Western company is highly rated in both a professional way and in the eyes of individuals. This business was “a small family business in 1970” but has quickly grown into a multi-million dollar company ( It has been mostly expanded through relationships and ties with other large companies. It was run very shrewdly, investing strategically in properties with “high growth potential” (Hamilton).

The GCU company has received many reviews over the years, with most of them being praise. The Gulf Coast Western reviews on glassdoor are an average of 4.1 stars and the average review on manta is 4.4 stars. The following is a specific GCW review from glassdoor: “I have been employed by GCW for 10 years. I have seen many faces come and go. That said, people who follow the extensive ongoing training and try to learn from others who are successful can achieve financial reward.” It’s clear that although Gulf Coast Western is rather rigorous and perhaps a little hard to get used to, it is without a doubt very professional and focused on excellence for both its customers and its employees. In fact, one reviewer even went so far as to say, “Nothing bad to say about [GCW] at all.” This kind of mindset is prevalent, and is probably also due to the fact that GCU is not only an excellent business, but also a charitable one. Gulf Coast Western reviews are real reviews–with a little digging, it’s clear that these reviews are not fabricated.

Matthew Fleeger GCW and the Sadie Keller foundation work hand in hand in order to buy toys for kids who have to spend their holidays in the hospital. In fact, the CEO of the Gulf Coast Western company said that “”I have a survivor’s compassion for the emotional and physical impact cancer can have on an adult, but I could not fathom what it takes for a child to endure the suffering treatments and emotions. I decided that very evening to make a difference””.

This company is both an excellent company and a charitable one, and this is displayed through the gratitude that people show to it.