Vinod has always done things his own way but is this what has caused him to be worth more than $2 billion? Well, he thinks that might be a small part of it. He came of age in a small town outside of New Delhi where they were living in squalor & poverty. He knew that he would one day be able to come back there as a millionaire & pay for all the things he did not have when he was a kid. After he finished at the top of his high school class, he got into the Indian version of MIT where he opted to major in agricultural engineering. He was able to finish in 4 years & then went on to grad school in Nebraska. He was able to get through it in just two years & then landed his first post grad job at CC. He liked it for the time but knew it was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. So he left it after just a few months & had enough saved up to open what would come to be known as ABI. First opened in 1971, he went on to build it into the huge empire it is now & he bought out a lot of other businesses along the way. He eventually sold it so he could take a new job as the chair of the Everest group but, through it all, never lost sight of where he came from. So he donated a lot of his money to his alma mater & home town to ensure they no longer had to walk ten miles just to get some water for themselves. He is proud of all that he has accomplished over his 40 year career.