The coronavirus crisis has prompted fluctuations in various life avenues. Many things have evolved and varying recommendations have been brought forward, and many people have adopted measures that facilitate financial stability, safety, wellness, and good health. People are more concerned about wellness issues, but eye care also seems equally essential (Caredash). 


Many workers are now working from home, and students have embraced digital learning criteria, and so great caution is needed if eye health is a priority. Tom S Chang MD, Acuity Eye Group’s manager provides essential aspects to be applied for proper eye care over the crisis. Tom S Chang MD says that many individuals rely on televisions, mobile phones, and other digital devices to manage their daily lives, and so the digital strain is gaining massive momentum out there. Even before the pandemic, eye strain was still a concern and managing it has been challenging. 


The pandemic has just worsened the situation because apart from entertainment services, the devices are used for occupational purposes, thus eye strain is a bigger problem. Dr. Tom S Chang MD discusses that eye strain means eye and visibility issues related to technology device usage. Digital eye struggles have varying manifestations in people but they range from headaches, obscure vision to dry eyes. Tom S Chang insists that the condition can be managed because the necessary tools and approaches are readily available. Even different criteria exist to counter symptoms and establish optimal conditions. Tom Chang insists that one should break for 20 seconds after 20 minutes of exposure to these digital devices, and stay 20 feet from them. This is summarized in a 20/20/20 rule.