Wes Edens is the big guy behind the financing of Fortress. He also owns Aston Villa FC. The reputation of Wes Edens is quite impressive among the people of Villa. As a businessman, a good reputation is a significant factor, and to Wes Edens‘, this is an added advantage. Concerns have arisen concerning his junior partner; however, Edens’ reputation made people overlook this. Wes is also highly regarded for rescuing the Villa FC club from being penniless. He saved the club in August 2019, and ever since, came up with a plan on maintaining it financially.

Villa’s growth and success over the two years can be attributed to Wes, who has been their manager. Under the transfer market, the value of Villa has risen to over 431million pounds. Wes has not only gained popularity with the Villa fans but also with the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. He is a co-partner of the basketball team that has experienced great rejuvenation on his watch.

Wes Eden grew up in Montana on a ranch. During his childhood, he always spent his time outdoors. After his graduation, Wes joined a small bank in Francisco before getting a great job on Wall Street. Wes resigned from his position, taking along with him two colleagues in the year 1998. He created Fortress, and by the time it was 2007, he had already made history. The Fortress was recognized as one of the very first private funds to be widely known during this year. As a result of this, Edens received a stake surmounting to $2.3bn.

A financial disaster in years struck the firm. Wes Edens tried the best he could to save the firm, but it proved futile. He says he would work each day save for four Sundays. Eventually, SoftBank purchased Fortress in the year 2017. Edens has the trait to see opportunities ahead. It is because of this that he bought a basketball team that had not even won a championship.

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