Everyone in the United States already knows the quality of healthcare services in the low-income communities across the country. It is obvious that most of the lower-income neighborhoods have been getting very little financial support when it comes to addressing the traditional healthcare challenges that such communities have been facing for very many years.

Laura McQuade seems to be one of the few people in the country today who have consistently realized that there have been some major discrimination tendencies that have been adopted for very many years that have consistently lead to the discrimination of the lower-income areas. This means that very little attention is given to such communities when it comes to the issues relating to health and other essential aspects that can help in addressing the wellbeing of the community.

It is worth indicating that most of the people living in lower-income communities are people of color. In this case, Laura McQuade is of the view that the systemic racism that has been very rampant in other sectors around the country is now very prevalent in the healthcare sector, and it is something that should be addressed to help people live in good healthcare environments.

As a community advocate, Laura McQuade has not been keeping silent on the issues relating to the quality of healthcare services in low-income communities. In his current move, Laura has been challenging both the local governments and the federal authorities to make sure they are investing sufficient funds that can help in addressing some of the healthcare issues in the lower-income communities.

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