Hawkers are one of the companies lucky to benefit from the investment funds and experience of Alejandro Betancourt. The company’s founding vision is one of the main reasons it has grown to be the successful company it is today. The company mainly deals in designer sunglasses, and from the time of its founding, the founders wanted to offer three things: designer, quality and affordable sunglasses. Because of this, the company became a people’s favorite, leading to great success. However, this success came with its share of challenges that led to a financial strain. Alejandro Betancourt became the savior that could take the company from the point of failure to increased success.

Alejandro came into Hawkers with a group of investors, and together, they made an initial investment of 56 million USD. The investment led to the company’s growth and better leadership, whereby Alejandro Betancourt Lopez  started serving as president, placing the sunglasses company ahead of its competitors. With the experience that Alejandro came in with, the company was able to become an international name. It was no longer known just in Spain as he ensured that Hawkers penetrated European and Asian markets. To further help in the company’s financial growth in 2018, Alejandro added 20 million USD to his initial investment, and today he holds the biggest interest in the company, which is 50%.

Alejandro Betancourt is an individual that does not believe in giving up. Therefore, despite joining the sunglasses company when it was experiencing financial struggles, he encouraged everyone in the company to focus on success. Because of this mentality, the company continues to experience great success. The number of employees is now over 200, and the number of offices has increased as well. The company currently has offices located in various cities, e.g., Barcelona, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Learn more about Alejandro: http://www.alejandro-betancourt.com/