Hawkers was uniquely created to become a lifestyle fashion preference for all, and it resonated nicely with the growing following. This company was created with intentions to provide highly stylish, design, affordable, and high-end sunglasses.

The company registered impressive exploits in Spain, but it later suffered some deeps, and the leadership decided to hire Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to take over the management. Since that time, Hawkers’ fortunes rebounded. Alejandro Betancourt, in his presidential tenure, also guided the company to gain international standards.

Alejandro Betancourt in partnership with several investors supported the company with a whopping $56 million that backed up the leadership because Nacho Puig was appointed as the CEO to oversee business development operations.

Alejandro Betancourt based the brand on the Spanish impressive results to expand the distribution channels to North America, Asia, and Europe. In 2018, Alejandro augmented his Hawkers’ investment by an extra $21.7 million, a figure that earned him the majority shareholding control.

Even though he encountered several challenges along the way, he advised his colleagues to stay focused regardless of how tough certain things appear. He said that the number of falls does not matter, consistently getting up is the most crucial thing.

The fashion venture has advanced lately to attract over 200 employees working in the following stations: Mexico City, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Elche. Alejandro’s leadership has seen the venture reach over 50 nations in the world to sell about 4.5 million pieces.

The company now enjoys approximately 100 million dollars in revenue as compared to the initial value of $300 when created by Alex Moreno alongside Caleb Garrett. The fashion company has exploited social media and other digital marketing criteria. It was the first to enjoy Facebook marketing, and this boosted its fame and sales. Currently, it boasts of the highest likes on the platform, thereby dominating the fashion business.