Not all Americans have good Access and opportunity for financial services as most people think. Only a few have access to sound financial advisors in the country, but the general financial services remain the same for all citizens. According to research, 25% of the households in the United States of America have bank accounts or do not entirely rely on their bank accounts for financial assistance. The covid-19 pandemic has brought out a clear picture of how people in the United States of America deal with their finances. The accurate picture of the cracks in the financial sector is now evident.

James Gutierrez is a financial expert who comes to break the opportunities and injustices in the financial sector. Below is how James Gutierrez has broken down the possibilities.

• Income Level: In the United States, there is a level at which one can save and earn money at the same time. To have and operate a bank account, they must also have money to spend because to run a bank account, and money is needed to check balance and statement. Banks always require initial deposits, which most people don’t have. To get a loan from the bank, one must have a credit history that most immigrants lack, making it hard for them to be financially stable. The need to have money to earn allows most Americans to get advances from their paychecks.
• Limited Access: not everyone in the United States have what it takes to open a bank account. One may not have the required deposits; others lack resources like education, while others, like immigrants, do not have the social security number to open a bank account or even have Access to a bank account.

James Gutierrez is a financial expert and an investor. James Gutierrez has vast experience in the financial sector and has been a leading Oportun as the Chief Executive Officer from 2005 to 2012. For the longest time, James Gutierrez has been assisting settlers in getting loans to be where they would wish to be in the foreign country.

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