As an Antigua and Barbuda parliament member, Asot Michael serves as an ambassador for the people. He is a dedicated member of the community. After Michael received his master’s degree in business, he was determined to use his education to help others. He served as a Senator in the Upper House of Parliament, working hard to secure community business opportunities. While in this position, Asot Michael was appointed Minister of State, and soon promoted to Minister of Public Works. In all of his positions, Asot Michael has kept his focus on helping his community grow and thrive. 


He continues to work everyday for the people, not only serving the community now, but planning for the community’s bright future. For Asot Michael, community progress is part of his heritage. His grandfather, who bears the same name, was a local businessman who taught Asot Michael the value of hard work. His father, Patrick Michael, was also a member of parliament. In the 1970’s Asot Michael watched as his father sacrificed his business to keep the tenets of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party alive. 


Despite the hardships, his family worked hard for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. When Michael had the opportunity to get an education and continue the work of his predecessors, he went right to work. As a member of parliament, Michael’s family history serves as a reminder that everyone’s voice matters. Asot Michael knows that small, local businesses like his father’s and grandfather’s are investments that support the community. In a globalizing world, Asot Michael remembers his priorities: supporting the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.