Bhanu Choudhrie started his company, the Alpha Aviation Group, in 2006. The company uses state-of-the-art simulation technology to train pilots for commercial airlines.

The airline industry has a reputation for being static. But with the current global pandemic, this industry has had to make drastic adjustments to stay afloat. Nonetheless, Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) continues to look for more ways to train pilots while at the same time retaining its trademark cost-effective strategy.

The firm targets budget airlines that cannot generate massive resources to initiate their own pilot training technology. These budget airlines prefer hiring established training providers such as AAG.

At the helm of AAG, Bhanu Choudhrie plays a massive role in his company. It is now among the first training firms to offer Multi-Pilot Licensing.

Through this new licensing program, pilots don’t need to go through the initial 230 flight hours of training. Instead, they will only need 70 in-flight hours to get their flying permits from the airline regulation bodies.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that reducing the in-flight training hours ensures that budget airlines don’t go overboard with their investment. The airlines will still have their pilots well-trained by AAG and increase their fleet size.

Additionally, the trainee pilots will only be trained for two years, a massive decrease to the initial 5-year training requirement. This way, the training costs decrease significantly because of the increased simulator time.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that his company’s training approach adheres to the pilot safety standards. Initially, training programs preferred to use smaller planes to introduce pilots to fundamental flight ideologies before advancing to the larger planes.

With AAG, trainee pilots work with passenger planes much earlier in their training. By doing so, the pilots become familiar with the planes they intend to work with in their careers. Their experience in handling passenger planes starts during training and can only get better with time