Caribou Technology plays a critical role in shaping the future of the logistics and transport business both locally and internationally. One of the companies at the centre of this development is Caribou. This logistic company started in 2012 two entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom after a long servicing career in the logistics industry. Caribou has its head offices located in West Drayton in the United Kingdom, and they have branches that serve different regions. Caribou is home to over 100 full-time employees, and the company contributes to expand and grow to cover various cities and continents around the world.

The company specializes in many services, from one-day mail delivery services mostly done around the United Kingdom. They also have road delivery services for packages, and this also takes a single day to a maximum of four days to get your delivery. Caribou also offers truck logistics for containers, mainly across various cities where their clients get located. Shipment to multiple continents is also a business that Caribou operates. Finally, air shipment when their clients are located in a different continent or a city and want their consignment delivered in the shortest time possible.


Caribou is at the forefront in advocating for the integration of technology into business processes. Its founder believes that technology has a way of bringing about transparency in the business. Its technology director Dave Antrobus has worked tirelessly to see this dream come to a realization. The company recently made some excellent strides towards this direction as they announced a partnership with one of the leading software development companies in the United Kingdom. Cuhu will offer technical support and develop software solutions that will revolutionize the logistics market, locally and globally. The two companies, through this partnership, are currently working on an application that will integrate clients as part of the delivery process. The Driver App will allow drivers to share critical information and constantly be in touch with their clients as they do deliveries. This process gets meant to bring transparency and enable clients to experience the value for their money. The application is available for download at the various play store both for Android and IOS Smartphone users.