As technology continues to expand, innovations are coming up, and the education industry has not been left behind. Various platforms have been innovated and established to help children in the country learn digitally. ClassDojo is among the leaders in the technology industry that has established a communication app for Pre-K-8 schools to assist children in dealing with their emotions in and out of class. A research was carried out during the summer, and according to the teachers, parents, and students who were interviewed, the big issue was dealing with emotions in the coming school calendar. The product manager at ClassDojo met with the families and the children who wanted help to deal with their moods, emotions, fear, and positive feelings.

ClassDojo has launched a new platform known as Big Ideas; the platform is designed to have animated videos that help people deal with their emotions as they build their emotional intelligence. According to experts like Marc Brackett, the Director of the Yale Centre for Emotions Intelligence, our emotions play a significant role in learning and receiving information. Mr. Marc Brackett is also an author of a book titled permission to feel. Marc also noted that when children can express their feelings, they become better learners and are happier and healthier. The emotional expert is proud of ClassDojo for its new Big Ideas Series to help families and children deal with their emotions. Each week the education platform will be releasing new series. Katie and Mojo play the giant monster in the series. A study has revealed that students who are active in extracurricular activities are good at dealing with their emotions and perfume well compared to those who do not participate outside the classroom. ClassDojo is a communication application designed for primary schools across the country. The primary purpose of the application is to give children the education they desire.