ClassDojo strikes as an unrivaled app with the potentiality of redefining students’ educational experiences. The platform plays a crucial role in simplifying school work by incorporating parents. Interestingly, the tech and learning app is straightforward to use. Sure, the teachers’ page is split into three sections: class story, messages, and classroom. Class Story is a unique section that allows teachers to share messages, videos, and images with parents to the endeavors in class. Furthermore, the messages section will enable teachers to efficiently link with parents, individual students, and the entire class through in-app messages or email. Last but not least, the classroom section allows teachers to track whole-class behavior metrics to generate reports.

But wait, what is ClassDojo? Well, this is a digital sharing platform that connects teachers, parents, and students to school or classwork activities. The platform works in an incredible way as teachers leverage their smartphones to take classroom videos and pictures share them using the app. Of course, ClassDojo has played a crucial role amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The tech and learning platform has redefined remote learning by enabling teachers to deal out classwork, share lessons, and deal out classwork. The app lets teachers assign activities to students in the form of images, texts, and videos. Indeed, the platform brings forth a broad overview of students’ learning progress in the classroom.

ClassDojo encourages parents’ involvement in the child’s school life. Equally, it specializes in providing a high-end learning experience for students. This app offers unique services and features a rating system to track student progress. Furthermore, the digital platform allows teachers to share vast learning ideas with parents and students without incurring additional costs. The app’s messaging services let teachers and parents communicate effectively. And yes, the platform whoops a translation service that recognizes nearly 35 languages.

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