DFINITYDFINITY is a cloud computing organization. Founded by Dominic Williams in 2016, it launched a so-called internet computer that upends the traditional form of computer networking. More recently, the company went public, rebranded its leading service and issued tokens to provide funding for the next round of development. Anyone with an interest in cloud computing, open-source coding or cryptocurrency should pay close attention to the mission and activities of DFINITY and the DFINITY Foundation.


DFINITY is the now-public company that launched the DFINITY Computer. The new name of the DFINITY Computer is the Internet Computer. This may seem confusing, but the naming is simpler than it sounds. The computer is literally a network of computers, much like the internet is a network. Rather than being one large server setup in a single location, the Internet Computer is geographically spread out across small nodes all over the world.

What Is the Mission of DFINITY?

DFINITY’s mission is to eliminate dependence on centralized farms of servers. These server farms are easily exploited by hackers. They tend to rely on proprietary coding and technology, which limits the number of people who can work on them and build apps and tools. Central server farms aren’t as responsive, and if one goes down, the entire network drops. By spreading the work across thousands of individual nodes or servers, if one goes down, the others pick up the tiny bit of slack in order to keep the system going.

What Does the Internet Computer Do?

Dfinity Foundation

The Internet Computer uses AI and algorithms built on mostly open-source code. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so. As of now, there are several online tools, apps and platforms available for use. One is a verification tool for luxury items and digital art. Another is a networking system for employers and people who want to find a job.

Who Funds the Internet Computer?

DFINITY went public, and that IPO raised funds that helped start the non-profit DFINITY Foundation. A few years ago, DFINITY released over $100 million in tokens, which also boosted funding.