DFINITYBlockchain technology holds the exceptional promise of improving daily life with impacts on economies, societies and more around the world. Its true promise, however, cannot be achieved until the same technology is broadly adopted by most users. DFINITY USA is a blockchain technology company that recognizes the faults of the many private blockchain platforms in use today, and it believes that blockchain singularity will only be achieved when its public-access Internet Computer is in full use.

DFINITY USA has received ample attention for its efforts, and this is evidenced in the influx of investor funding it has received. In fact, in 2018 alone, it drew in more than $100 million in funding for the development of the Internet Computer. In addition to standing apart from other blockchain systems in use today, the Internet Computer has a few unique features that make it a superior technology. For example, rather than using an intermediary, it accesses secure subnet nodes for peer-to-peer communication. The Internet Computer also has an SNS, or Service Nervous System, that features decentralized, token-based units called dapps. Through these dapps, the platform’s developers can easily make improvements to the system.

Dfinity FoundationThe Internet Computer continues to be a work in progress. At the same time, it continues to garner more support from node providers, blockchain supports, cryptocurrency users and more. With DFINITY USA’s ongoing focus on improving this exciting system, this public-access blockchain technology may soon live up to its full potential and change society as we know it on many levels.