DFINITYUntil recently, blockchain has held the promise of changing societies in fundamental ways, but it has not had the infrastructure to actually do so. This is because blockchain has been used in a range of private-access platforms rather than implemented across a public-access platform. DFINITY has developed such a platform. This public-access platform, which it dubs the Internet Computer, has the ability to achieve blockchain singularity. By doing so, it can alter the way societies, governments and more function on a daily basis.

The exceptional design of the Internet Computer has garnered plenty of attention in recent years. Specifically, DFINITY was able to secure more than $100 million in private funding in 2018. Its bold appeal is due in part to its exceptional features. In addition to being a public-access platform, the Internet Computer is designed with a Service Nervous System. This SNS features token-based dapps that are decentralized, and this structure enables developers to improve the system more easily. In addition, the Internet Computer uses subnet nodes rather than an intermediary for secure, efficient communication between peers. Adding to its benefits, the Internet Computer is more affordable to use and is more predictable in its functionality.

Dfinity Foundation

Those who have supported the development of the Internet Computer include everyone from node providers and blockchain enthusiasts to crypto investors and more. DFINITY’s many researchers and engineers work on the system daily to identify areas that require improvement and to make those enhancements. As the system continues to be refined, you can expect its appeal to grow around the world.