When it comes to financial and entrepreneurial tips, only a few guys understand what matters. The rest of us will see any investment tips as foreign and brush them off fast. Nonetheless, for people like Joseph Ashford, a London-based businessman, there is no harm in carrying or going with investment approach to one’s work. For Joseph Ashford, London and any other major cities in the world are in need of investments. “These major cities and towns in the world are home to tens of thousands even millions of people. These people need services and the only way we can quench their thirst is by ensuring we create investments that will in turn deliver service to the people. For that reason, whether you are employed in an office in the heart of London, Helsinki, Prague or anywhere in the world for that matter, there is no harm in carrying the investment spirit with you to your desk,” Joseph Ashford Ellis said.

According to the entrepreneur, there is always the first step in ensuring any projects turns out a success. Joseph Ashford says time is of essence and perhaps the first valuable asset entrepreneurs need to have. The K4 Global founder says if entrepreneurs worked hard to ensure they use their time properly, then the major cities and towns he was speaking about earlier would be filled with quality investments.


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The second thing Joseph Ashford advises young entrepreneurs is to cut the fear of taking investment mindset to their desks from their minds. The London-based businessman says by ensuring they think about how to start their own business on a daily basis, it helps them to eventually become employers and investors instead of being employees for the rest of their lives. However, Joseph agrees that nobody can decide for another person what investment to venture it. That’s a personal decision.

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