Dr. Natale AndreaThe people who knew Italian-born Andrea Natale while he attended the University of Florence Medical School and his fellow students at The Catholic University School of Cardiology knew Andrea Natale had the innate ability to help patients with heart issues.

Dr. Natale attended Baylor College and Methodist Hospital in Houston as a research fellow. He completed his residency in electrophysiology and cardiology when he attended Western Ontario University. Dr. Natale’s resume is an impressive display of his expertise in the study of the human heart.

As the Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center’s medical director, Natale focuses on afib, also known as atrial fibrillation. Afib occurs when the two upper heart chambers do not beat in rhythm with the two lower chambers. Atrial fibrillation seems to occur in people over 60. But as Dr. Natale points out, cases of afib skyrocketed during the pandemic.

The stress and the anxiety created by the pandemic affected people of all ages. Thanks to Andrea Natale’s research, and the devices he developed, afib sufferers have a medical voice they can depend on during these uncertain medical times. Thanks to Dr. Natale’s history of dealing with heart complications, he was able to help an extraordinary amount of people during the pandemic.

Dr. Natale’s published papers and his EPLive conference in December 2020 helped other cardiologists learn more about tech advancements like the WATCHMAN device and other non-surgical treatments. His heart research discoveries treat all the issues that develop from afib.

Natale’s innate knowledge of the issues that create afib helped him develop the catheter-based method of bringing the heart back to its natural rhythm. Andrea Natale earned the distinction of being the first cardiologist to perform non-surgical techniques to correct hearts that beat out of sync. Natale has a medical device patent hanging on his office wall.

The medical profession was unprepared for a pandemic. But Dr. Natale and the devices he created helped countless people deal with the side effects of COVID-19. But when people look over Dr. Natale’s accomplishments, they understand why he helped relieve some complications of the virus.