Unlike the olden times when everyone used one black and white screen and moved to colored televisions, today, video streaming is the order of the day. Technology in the modern has evolved therefore creating a modern marketing promotion method for businesses. Today video content sells much more as a marketing strategy. It captures customers’ attention, especially in the new era governed by millennials and generation Z.

Unlike traditionally, where channels would give a break for the running programs, complaints have risen on the recent tendency of video marketing to disrupt a viewing experience. Since the olden ages, when televisions aired the pioneer sitcoms, entertainment and advertisements have had a constant relation.

It has remained constant, which motivated Gurp Rai, founder, and president of droppTV, to start the product promotion video content for its customers. On one of the afternoons, as he searched for Drake’s music idol videos but that hadn’t achieved much content, he realized the gap in the industry. He was slowly but sure of his goal; he did his research to realize others had attempted, but none had looked it up on the shopatainment lens. It included a virtual platform where entertainment content and shopping could coexist without draining either of them.

droppTV’s teamwork in harmony to bring about entertainment, video streaming, and commercials under one roof. While utilizing Gurp Rai’s expertise in tech and AI, the company has simplified purchasing goods and services by enabling consumers to easily tap and choose an item for direct sale. All activities occur within the video streaming content without undesired overlays, ads, pre-rolls, or redirects.

Transactions continue enabling consumers to enjoy a frictionless experience while creators get a promotion model, and brands can easily access the granular data and feedbacks. Culture, art, music, and fashion revolve around music videos. Music videos have long been considered loss leaders despite their unique capacity to touch on these valuable disciplines. droppTV allows artists and content producers to monetize their videos while also uniquely connecting with their followers.

Other industries and categories besides musicals can benefit from shopatainment. droppTV has hosted videos from both up-and-coming musicians and well-known artists like Ashanti, A$AP Mob, and more. DroppTv has collaborated with Agenda Show to deliver the idea to its in-person virtual summits and business-to-business festivals as the next massive step in developing a new genre of homegrown eCommerce.