What does it take to be a real estate entrepreneur? As the founder and CEO of a billion-dollar real estate company, Bittle attributes his success to hard work and a little bit of luck. Stephen Bittle states that integrity, empathy, and unrelenting drive are the three critical skills for a successful entrepreneur. A budding entrepreneur needs strong principles to lead their company forward. To be able to empathize and understand others as the team and those surrounding the business are what brings success, and to persist through adversity.

Adversity can hit a company at any time. Recently, Terranova is working on hard-hit areas like Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Due to the recent pandemic, many shops in these areas had to close down and Terranova is working to revitalize them and expand its portfolio. Bittle states it is times like COVID where it is important to balance your work and acquire properties to spread out your portfolio.

He says this was one of his biggest mistakes when starting. He started Terranova without many cash assets which made it hard to acquire more businesses and expand, stating that a new business owner needs to focus on scaling over unstable growth.

Bittle believes people create their own luck in the world and that to be successful you need to be willing to work for it. By being driven, getting as much knowledge as possible, and getting a mentor, Brittle has been able to make his goals a reality.

A Miami native, Stephen Bittle began Terranova Corporation, a billion-dollar, multi-strategy real estate investing company, while attending law school at the University of Miami. Since then, Bittle has been dedicated to giving back to his community through community service and serving on boards.