With the lasting effects of the Covid 19 pandemic globally, businesses have had to adjust and rethink how they do business to remain relevant and profitable. The CFO role has evolved to find new ways to keep organizations profitable. This is while looking after the interest of the employees, customers, and suppliers- the ecosystem that keeps businesses running.

Gary McGaghey, the CFO at Williams Lea Tag, who oversees cost restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions for the international Business Processing outsourcing company, sees the future of companies resting in the hands of intuitive CFOs. The biggest job of CFOs is to accelerate transformation within businesses to maintain their customer base and retain their human resource, which is the most significant factor in keeping businesses afloat. More information about Gary McGaghey on Crunchbase

Having served previously as the Group CFO for Nelsons and at Unilever in various capacities, including as the VP of Finance and CFO of Pepsi Lipton International Joint venture, Gary McGaghey has extensive experience in enabling growth in businesses which is a necessity for businesses right now. Globally, there are likely tax changes and cultural shifts in how the workforce interacts with technology being at the center of how most business efficiencies are carried out.

Gary McGaghey sees this as an opportunity for the CFO to strategically influence how businesses position themselves to solve problems for their customers as they resolve internal business issues for better business outcomes. He also posits that CFOs are critical in streamlining business strategies and the financing of the business.