John Ritenour, a popular and very respected professional from the United States grew a company after a long struggle with poverty. Motivated by the idea of eliminating poverty from all his generation and creating an all round insurance firm, John created Insurance office of America. The full service insurance agency is considered a leader in the private insurance department.

Even after the leader has retired and ventured on other important issues in his life, this company is performing exceedingly well, making clients happy and making revenue in the presence of a dangerous and serious healthcare crisis. All of these milestones in the private facility are all attributed to John Ritenour.

From the grassroots of this institution, John created the perfect foundation for all the stakeholders. Entrepreneurs, business owners and employees and investors get the best the company can offer. The customers get the most attention from the powerful institution.

Apart from growing the company’s services and making a positive mark in the lives of customers, John Ritenour went ahead to make charity part of IOA. John showed the members of staff working for him the need of having charity donations from time to time. The act of giving does not mean that this company has so much in their pockets. Creating a giving environment makes other people have something to live for.

The charity branch established by John Ritenour has operated for a while. While John retired from his chairman and chief executive officer position at his insurance company, he focused a lot on the IOA Foundation. The philanthropy platform introduced by John has been exceeding its expectations from members of the society. Everyone with a problem can get help from IOA Foundation without having to do so much. John has all the time he needs to attend to the needy people because he is not always busy with insurance clients.