BeachbodyCarl Daikeler is a gentleman filled with lots of ideas. From his days at Ithaca College in New York to his current role as the founder and CEO of BeachBody, he is always working on a new product or service to improve the lives of others. His personal passion for wellness and fitness has helped him motivate and encourage others to make the time for healthy eating and daily exercise. As an innovator and encouraging leader, Mr. Daikeler is one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the USA.

College Years

Carl Daikeler graduated from Ithaca College in 1986. He completed a degree in organizational management. While in college, he set aside time each day to exercise. He also focused on eating whole foods. He knew that he felt and looked better when he ate nutritious meals and exercised every day. Always one to lead others, he inspired his friends and roommates to live healthy lives, too.

Young Adulthood

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Carl Daikeler began working for the National Football League. As part of its operations department, he coordinated halftime events for the league’s at-home and in-person audiences. He worked hard, and he developed key skills in telling stories and connecting with all types of people. After four fun years working in productions for the NFL, Mr. Daikeler changed jobs and entered the media industry. Its paid advertisements niche was Mr. Daikeler’s next stop. He excelled at creating paid advertisements for health and fitness products.

Entrepreneur and CEO

BeachbodyAs a producer of paid advertisements, Carl Daikeler had the chance to speak with people in the industry as well as his customers. He learned that at-home exercise and weight loss solutions were popular because of their affordability, convenience and privacy. A person could exercise at home without paying huge fees, getting stared at or having to drive anywhere. BeachBody started small with 12 DVDs. Now, it has a streaming service, more than 300 workouts and a nutritional product line. In 2018, Mr. Daikeler added an app called OpenFit for chatting, encouragement and life coaching. He plans to continue innovating through BeachBody.