Jack MasonIn the last year, most of the people have been staying at home, which means that most of the business organizations have not been moving forward. There is a feeling that more than 70% of the workforce in the United Kingdom was staying at home during the peak of the pandemic. It is also essential to indicate that a huge number of employees continue to stay at home as they avoid contracting the virus and infecting others.

However, Jack Mason notes that not everyone in the industry has been staying at home. There has been an emergence of a group of employees who have now been categorized as key workers. These are the individuals who have been keeping the country running during the pandemic. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO notes that most of the employees in such category were assumed to be of less importance to the general wellbeing of the community.

Doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, teachers, firefighters, supermarket attendants, police officers, and drivers are some of the individuals who were not allowed to go back into their homes for lockdown. Jack Mason indicates that these individuals have been working as usual. They are the ones who have been contributing to the progress of the economy and the wellbeing of the millions of people who have been staying at home during the lockdown.

Jack Mason

As such, Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO expects that there will be significant changes in the wage structure among the key workers. Most of the organizations will start to appreciate the role that some of the employees who are usually ignored have been playing in the progress of their organizations. It is also expected that the government will review its minimum wage requirements. There is a feeling that the base wage for key workers is expected to change in the coming years.