Laura Rea Dickey has contributed much to assisting Dickey’s Barbecue restaurants in attaining success. She has helped the family’s business thrive through transforming its marketing strategies and introducing technological innovations.

Laura has integrated artificial intelligence and big data into the corporation’s marketing operations. She is currently the CEO of this leading barbecue franchise in the world. Through this role, she has significantly contributed to steering the corporation through various challenges, such as those presented by the covid-19 pandemic and its economic ramifications. She has done this by focusing primarily on the corporation’s daily inspirational which are evolving or failing.

Prior to becoming the company’s CEO, Laura Rea Dickey assisted in changing the company’s view on information. She previously was the company’s CIO, whereby she worked closely with different departmental teams to implement computer and information technologies into the company’s operations. Laura Rea Dickey worked primarily with business intelligence and big data to develop the company’s proprietary system, referred to as Smoke Stack.

The before-mentioned system synthesizes data coming from the corporation’s inventory systems, customer surveys and loyalty programs, marketing promotions and point–of–sale systems to offer real-time and actual feedback concerning sales. The system also provides actual information relating to performance indicators in the company. After becoming the company’s CEO, Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth constantly implemented various technological advancements, thereby giving the restaurants a competitive advantage in this dynamic world.

Laura Rea Dickey is an executive based in Dallas and has won numerous awards due to his commendable work in progressing Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants. She has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology and marketing sector. She has used the skills acquired in properly utilizing information to come up with viable business solutions.

She attended Texas Christian University, where she obtained an undergraduate degree. She began working for a design company where she focused on creating campaigns that would enhance the company’s identity and branding. She was brought to Dickey’s BBQ in 2009. Go to this page for related information.


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