Andrew Alexander is an influential and innovative producer who works in theater, film, and television. We famously know him for his work and leadership of the Second City Theater Company, where he is also a co-owner. Alexander is also known for his most-watched television show, known as the SCTV show. He was born in 1944 in London, England, before moving to Canada with his family in 1951. He went to school at Tri-State College in Indiana and later to Ryerson University, Toronto.

After school, Andrew Alexander worked for two newspaper companies known as Thompson Newspapers and Oakville Beaver. In the 70s, he became fascinated with arts, and he would visit the Toronto art scenes as he still worked for the Ski Magazine as an editor. He worked as a night shows co-producer and marketing and PR for Toronto Arts Foundation during the day.

Andrew Alexander later moved on to a new job in Chicago, where he was hired at Ivanhoe Theater. While working there, he met Bernie Sahlins, and this is when Second City began. The company was on the verge of collapsing then. Alexander offered to take all the debts, and in return, he would be allowed to operate the entertainment company in Canada, and Sahlins had no option but to agree.

Throughout his career, Andrew Alexander has been an executive producer of over ten half-hour shows and the producer of over 150 hours of comedy television shows for SCTV. The series has received several Emmy nominations, won two Emmy awards and one ACTRA Award. He has also developed several television programs for HBO, ABC, Fox TV, Comedy Central, CBS, and CBC, to mention a few.

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