Miki Agrawal is notable for the many innovative business and ventures she has taken in the past. She is a successful social media entrepreneur whose journey started in a humble pizza restaurant in New York City.

She is also famous for founding THINX, a company that creates underwear and is renowned for its corporate social responsibility measures. The other project would be TUSHY, a project that helps donate washroom products to school girls.

Miki Agrawal started the company to help address the many challenges people have been facing in the past. These include year infections, fissures, hemorrhoids, and various other health issues. Her skill area also extends to writing books, with the most famous one being the “Do Cool Sh*t and DisruptHer.”

Most of the ventures she goes into are often based on immense research and the benefits they can provide. For instance, TUSHY is a sustainable company that helps improve the number of trees around the world. It does this by providing a better alternative for making personal items such as pads.

The company also gives back to the community while finding ways to profit and ensure its survival. It’s a better operational approach when compared to most other companies in the same niches. She is also constantly researching and seeking new ways to improve the operations of companies.

One of the most notable accolades she has received in the past would be the Inc. magazine’s Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs. Miki Agrawal also loves advising the people she wants to inspire in the world.

For instance, she once said that “tasks will always be tedious, but this is important in developing muscle memory. Instead of seeking fun in every business venture, consider seeking innovation and a learning experience.” Aside from being famous for helping other people, Miki Agrawal also has self-responsibility where she is a parent and wife.