PosiGen offers renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to low- to moderate-income homeowners and communities. The organization aims to increase the financial autonomy of these communities by significantly reducing utility bills. PosiGen believes that when everyone has a chance to benefit from clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency, everyone benefits. The firm targets the hard-to-reach population and enables them to stay in their homes. They work on the front lines of helping people save money, helping communities become more energy independent, and improving health and the environment.


PosiGen is building a new residential renewable energy solution in a modular, technology-rich building format. By using only a handful of main power and energy sources (the sun, the wind, the biogas conversion systems and more) in each building, they can create localized, individual energy production by design. The company’s energy solutions are designed with a goal of improving customers’ lives and lowering utility bills while improving the environment. PosiGen works with leading battery storage providers, manufacturers and inverters that all boast long track records of success and experience. They also customize each solar and energy efficiency retrofit to the needs of the home.


Their team has years of combined experience in the solar energy sector, most recently as General Manager and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Tesla Solar, a battery storage company based in Sunnyvale, California. The company has below values (Techbullion):


  • Empowering people to be smart energy consumers
  • Sharing ideas with a humble heart and mind
  • Respect for the planet
  • Sacrificial giving
  • Advocacy


The interesting thing about the most advanced residential solar installation solutions for homes that they offer to their customers is that these solar panels and storage batteries, once installed, cost the same or less than the utility bill for a month of electricity. At PosiGen, their mission is:


  • To transform housing and communities into a sustainable power source.
  • To help catalyze a national shift in housing towards clean and affordable energy


This allows them to generate solar electricity and use it in the community we serve – low- to moderate-income at PosiGen is to be the leader in providing the highest quality solar and energy efficiency products and services to the underserved.