Simon Denyer has been at the forefront of writing multiple articles on the Washington Post whereby he has been detailing sufficient information about the rights of LGBTQ communities around the world. However, as a person who is based in the United States, Simon only has the reach of the people who have been reading the Washington Post, which means that he has not managed to communicate or pass information to any other person out there in the world.

In the view of Simon Denyer, the issue of LGBTQ communities is no longer a new phenomenon on the face of the world. It is an experience that has continued to grow and manifest in the last two decades. That is why there have been countries that have been very progressive in allowing such individuals to ensure that they have been adopting all the necessary strategies that can help keep their rights in place.

However, not every country in the world has embraced the rights of LGBTQ communities around the world. There are very many nations that have expressly denied and even jailed people who have tried to push for the rights of LGBTQ communities. The Middle East and the Asian region are some of the regions where such rights have been restricted. This means that something ought to be done so that individuals in such regions can be supported. Refer to this article to learn more.

Simon Denyer believes that the Japanese Olympics presented an opportunity where the LGBTQ communities presented an opportunity where such individuals need to be respected and given some opportunities. Obviously, much needs to be done in ensuring that such individuals have been given opportunities, especially in developed countries. However, the role that such individuals played in the Olympics clearly showed that denying them opportunities only denies a country the opportunity to grow economically and achieve its desires out there in the world.