The hardship Sudhir Choudhrie endured came to life when his mum applied for a life insurance plan for him at a tender age because it demanded a full medical exam. The evaluation demonstrated that one of Sudhir Choudhrie’s heart valves was leaking making the entire organ skip some beats. This condition became serious, and the cumulative heart damage reached a critical point in 1996, making him experience severe heart failures. By 1999, Choudhrie’s two sides of the heart were faulty, and interior lung pressure was higher, while the other body’s pressure was notably low to cause a hazardous combination. Sudhir Choudhrie was on the verge of death in just a few hours, but a registered 20-year-old donor died. The operation happened successfully, and Choudhrie is among the longest heart transplant survivors in the world. Sudhir’s children go through the titin gene testing routinely, and Dhairya, the youngest son showed some mutation signs in 2014. Dhairya is now feeding a better diet by feeding on foods without saturated fats and enjoying red meat once in seven days. Dhairya is fortunate to know about his condition at 32, unlike his father an more

Dhairya feels that his dad should narrate the story to be a lesson to others, and even given a positive perception regardless of any patient’s circumstances. When researching his book, Sudhir Choudhrie addressed the concerns of other transplant patients, and their stories inspired him a lot because of their unbelievable attitude and ambition. There is one woman who participated in a marathon after the transplant.

However, Sudhir Choudhrie interacted with other individuals who developed a negative attitude. For instance, he said some did not appreciate the need for medical help because they never hoped to live longer. Another patient refused to abandon junk food because he believed that death was already a foreseeable reality.