It is easy for Gary to just stand back & get complacent but he has never been one to rest on his laurels. He was born in the late 60’s & was quick to rise to the top of his high school class. He always knew he would go on to do well someday but never dreamed he would one day be the head honcho of his own business. Once he had completed all of his courses in high school, he did not know which college he wanted to go to in the fall. He did think about taking one of the offers from such prestigious universities as Princeton but soon realized everything he ever wanted was in the USA. So he enrolled there in the mid 80’s & tried to prove to his professors that he in fact belonged there. At the same time, he also had to choose what his focus of study would be. So he settled on finance & began his meetings with his advisor to plot out a course for his future. Once he was happy with the plan they had settled on, he realized he needed to take his degree & move on with his life. So he grabbed his BS & took a job working for one of the most well known companies in the world. He did have some fun with it in the beginning as he was able to work his way up the ladder but it soon became clear his talents would be put to better use at a newer company. So he left in the summer of 2015 & tried to find a company that would be able to appreciate him. It was not long before he came across Tag & they soon promoted him to the role of CFO.