Scott DylanScott Dylan deals with distressed merger and acquisition companies. He is also an investor for private equity firms and provides funds for companies dealing in a wide range of services. Scott Dylan is the official CEO and founder of the Fresh Thinking Group organization, a private capital investment company. The Fresh Thinking Group was established as a private equity firm and currently deals with various services, including logistics, technology and e-commerce.

Scott Dylan and his company usually assist three types of businesses: struggling and distressed industries and start-up businesses with the potential to grow and healthy companies. He helps these companies create group collectives from high-profile organizations that they can benefit from in terms of efficient financial and human resource and marketing departments.

Scott Dylan started the Fresh Thinking Group organization to nurture small and large corporations in the UK and Europe. The company has reformed companies on the verge of bankruptcy, struggling start-up businesses and businesses with the potential of growth. With his expertise in capital investment and software development, Scott Dylan has nurtured businesses from across all sectors. Currently, the Fresh Thinking Group is operating in London, Manchester and Leeds.

The Fresh Thinking Group deals with many acquisitions, including Laundrapp, ParcelWise, GLB transport, Neon and Brass, a creative agency. Fresh Thinking Group also works on identifying key weaknesses and strengths of any company that seeks its services. The company also supports and draws a personalized plan for businesses aiming at generating a lot of revenue.

Before starting the Fresh Thinking Group, Scott Dylan worked with several firms, including Fluid Creativity and After Digital, previously referred to as We are AD. Scott has also assisted high-profile companies in achieving the unimaginable amount of wealth over the last decade. He is currently on the Forbes business council 2020 membership program. Scott has several certifications in customer protection, data protection and brand building.

However, he is still pursuing a degree in law at Open University. Additionally, Scott holds proficiency and certification in Agile Methodology, an approach in developing an adaptive software plan.